About Us

Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative financial solutions that contribute to their sustainable growth and prosperity, while upholding the highest standards of responsibility and transparency in our work.


To define the future of financial services through innovation and sustainable development, aiming for exceptional service standards and establishing long-term relationships with each client.



A continuous drive for innovation and improvement in our products and services.

Promoting sustainable progress and conducting business with a high sense of responsibility.

Maintaining a high level of transparency in our activities, which fosters trust from clients and partners.

Fostering a culture of mutual support where success is achieved through collaborative efforts.

Consistently striving to exceed our clients' expectations through high-quality service and a personalized approach.

Our team

The Director is responsible for task execution, supervises staff interactions with their clients, delves into issues and problems, and helps find solutions. She creates a conducive atmosphere for staff activity, encouraging interaction, facilitating a harmonious and productive team environment, and inspiring the team towards new achievements. Her decisiveness and ability to make quick complex decisions ensure successful change management and financial process optimization.

Ciobanu Tatiana

Director, Financial Auditor

Her approach to work maintains the highest standard of professionalism, which contributes to financial transparency and compliance with the law. She has a deep understanding of accounting processes and diligently ensures they meet regulatory standards. Her analytical skills and attention to detail enable her to effectively identify and prevent potential errors or discrepancies.

Calașnicova Natalia

Accountant-Auditor, Director, Asociat ACAP, Chief Department "Accounting"

She collaborates effectively with all team members in accounting on various tasks, actively participates in assignments, and organizes work time efficiently. Her thoroughness, attention to detail, and analytical skills enable her to successfully handle the most challenging issues. She is results-oriented and always strives to achieve the highest standards of quality in her work.

Taran Valentina

Superior Control Accountant

Her duties include not only accounting but also providing expert support in various financial areas. She has analytical thinking and can solve complex accounting tasks. Her professional insight and continuous strive for improvement make her an integral part of the team, ensuring a high level of service quality in accounting and finance.

Crijanovschi Aculina

Superior Control Accountant

As a manager of the audit department, he demonstrates a high level of professionalism and competence in financial audit and control. He effectively leads the audit process at client companies, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of financial reporting. He exhibits a high degree of responsibility and attention to detail. He seeks ways to optimize audit processes and enhance the quality of audit services, which helps to strengthen trust from clients and partners of the company.

Stratulat Mihail

Manager of Audit department, Asociat ACAP

As an ACAP Associate, he consults clients in the areas of tax legislation and accounting. He successfully handles tasks related to the review of financial statements, identifying and preventing violations in accounting. His ability to critically evaluate information and make reasoned decisions helps improve the financial condition of the client's enterprise and reduce risks in its operations.

Caraiani Stepan

Accountant - Financial Reviewer

Dancenco Liudmila
Accountant - Financial Reviewer
Possesses outstanding organizational skills and a deep understanding of financial standards. Effectively collaborates with teams from various departments to improve internal procedures, ensuring compliance with all necessary financial protocols and enhancing the overall operation of the company. Actively works on improving financial reporting processes, which helps minimize errors and strengthen financial control.
How we work
Preliminary meeting with a potential client to discuss the format of cooperation and collect the necessary financial information for analysis and proposal preparation.
Signing of the contract and setting up processes for starting cooperation, ensuring a smooth transition to project tasks execution.
Preparation and presentation of a financial proposal to the potential client, followed by discussion and clarification of details upon request.

Our history

FlagMAN-D was founded on June 16, 2008, under the leadership of Cristina and Vladimir Dolghi. Initially focused on audit services, the company quickly expanded its range, adding accounting services and insurance for brokerage companies in 2009.

By 2011, a new direction was opened – actuarial services, and the following year marked cooperation with IT specialists to improve databases, making the accountants' work more efficient. In 2015, business plan assistance was added to the service portfolio.

After forming four key business areas, the company focused on expanding the team to ensure a high level of service and support clients at every stage of their development.

FlagMAN-D is distinguished by the diversity and uniqueness of its approach to each client.
Vladimir Dolghi is an outstanding expert in audit, actuarial calculations, and economics, with extensive experience in the financial sector of the Republic of Moldova. In 2008, together with Cristina Dolghi, he founded the company FlagMAN-D.

Vladimir actively participates in international and national conferences, making a significant contribution to the development of the legislative base in the field of accounting and financial reporting in Moldova.

Vladimir also stands out for his IT skills and knowledge of foreign languages, actively participating in educational events as a lecturer and speaker, emphasizing his multifaceted approach to the profession. This makes him not only a sought-after expert in the field of finance but also an important figure in the educational and professional community.
Cristina Dolghi is a recognized expert in the field of audit and accounting, with a successful career in the financial industry of the Republic of Moldova. Since 2008, she has been the founder of the FlagMAN-D group of companies and simultaneously teaches at the State University of Moldova, where she shares her experience in economics and accounting.

Cristina actively participates in international projects, has published 45 scientific articles, and is a co-author of three monographs. Her professionalism has been recognized with numerous awards, including the "Civil Merit" medal from the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

Thanks to her outstanding leadership and management skills, Cristina Dolghi inspires colleagues and students, continuing to make a significant contribution to the development of education and the financial sector in the country.