Business Intelligence & Actuarial Services

These are foundational for effective risk management and strategic decision-making. They enable companies to analyze large volumes of data, forecast future trends, and optimize operational activities, thereby ensuring sustainable growth and competitiveness in the market.

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Our Services

Financial Modeling and Data Analytics

Capital and Investment Management

Product Development, Profit and Loss Analysis

Loss Modeling and Reserving

Financial Reporting according to IFRS and IAS

Solvency Position Assessment

Internal Control Reviews

Financial and Statistical Data Modeling

Planning and Strategy

Portfolio and Embedded Value Assessment

Insurance Risk Management

Business and Asset Valuation

Business Process Restructuring and Optimization

How we can help you

Capital Optimization Strategies

Financial Modeling for Decision Support

Improving Operational Efficiency through Restructuring

Comprehensive Assessment for Corporate Events

We offer comprehensive assistance in the fields of business analytics and actuarial science, including:
Our goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to manage risks and confidently plan your business growth.
Case Studies

The application of financial analysis allowed a non-profit organization to optimize its financial strategies, improve risk management, and enhance the efficiency of resource distribution, contributing to more effective achievement of its mission.

Financial Reorganization of a Non-Profit Organization:

Actuarial analysis of risks and potential payouts formed the basis of a new pricing strategy, allowing the insurance company to improve its profitability while maintaining market competitiveness.

Improvement of Pricing Strategy for an Insurer:

In-depth financial analysis and forecasting enabled the company to implement an investment redistribution strategy, leading to increased revenue and reduced financial risks.

Optimization of an Energy Company's Investment Portfolio:

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