A crucial element in maintaining trust and transparency in business. We offer a comprehensive approach that combines proven methodologies and innovations to identify risks and optimize processes. Our goal is to strengthen your financial statements and promote the sustainable development of your company.

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Audit represents a thorough examination of an organization's financial reports, conducted by an independent auditor to verify their accuracy and compliance with applicable accounting and auditing standards. The aim of the audit is to reinforce the confidence of stakeholders, including shareholders, creditors, and investors, in the company's financial information, providing them assurance that the reports are free from significant misrepresentations.
The audit process includes evaluating the internal control system, examining selective transactions, and comparing financial data with the actual state of affairs. This allows auditors to express an opinion on whether the financial statements provide a true and fair view of the organization’s financial condition and performance. The audit enhances business transparency and is a vital tool for improving financial management and reducing risks.

Audit 3.0

Audit 3.0 - a new era in auditing that integrates traditional methods with advanced technologies. By implementing process digitalization, using big data and analytical tools, we provide our clients with deeper and more accurate analysis of their financial information.

The digitalization of audit enables us to automate routine tasks, enhancing efficiency and reducing time spent on inspections. Big data and analytics allow us to analyze vast amounts of information in real-time, identifying trends and anomalies that might remain unnoticed with traditional methods.
The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning enables us to predict potential risks and problem areas before they become significant issues, providing a higher level of protection and confidence for our clients. These technologies also help us gain a finer understanding of the specifics of the client's business, allowing us to offer more targeted recommendations for improving their operations and financial condition.

By implementing these innovative approaches, we provide our clients with valuable insights that help them stay ahead in the changing business landscape.

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Benefits of Working with Us

These advantages make our collaboration not just a service, but an important contribution to the development and success of your business.

Experience and Professionalism:

Our team consists of highly qualified auditors and consultants with many years of experience in various industries. This allows us to deeply understand each client's unique needs and offer the most effective solutions.

Transparency and Communication:

We strive for open and honest dialogue with our clients at all stages of collaboration. You will always be informed about the progress of the work and receive a complete overview of the audit results.

Innovative Technologies:

We actively use the latest achievements in digital technology, big data, and analytics to enhance the quality and efficiency of our audit processes. This allows us to uncover important insights and provide our clients with in-depth analysis of their financial condition.

Valuable Partnership

Our work does not end with providing a report. We see each client as a long-term partner and are ready to support your business, offering consultations and recommendations for further development.

Personalized Approach

Every project is unique to us. We pay special attention to understanding the specifics of our clients' businesses to offer the most appropriate and effective solutions. Our goal is to help improve your business.
For a young tech startup from Chisinau, we conducted a comprehensive audit of financial reporting, which allowed us to identify and resolve several key issues in accounting. As a result, the client was able to optimize their tax liabilities and enhance the overall efficiency of financial management.

Accounting optimization for a local Startup

A medium-sized manufacturing enterprise faced difficulties in obtaining credit. Our audit demonstrated the transparency and reliability of the company's financial reporting to potential creditors, ultimately improving their credit rating and successfully securing financing.

Audit for improving creditworthiness

An agro-product exporting company aimed to expand its presence in European markets. Our team conducted an audit in accordance with international financial reporting standards (IFRS), enabling the client to successfully pass the certification process and secure several large international contracts.

Case Studies

Audit for international integration

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How We Collaborate

Planning and Risk Assessment

Our audit process begins with thorough planning and risk assessment. We conduct a preliminary analysis of your financial statements, evaluate the effectiveness of your internal control mechanisms, and study the specifics of your industry. This allows us to identify key risks and develop an audit strategy aimed at minimizing them.

Conducting the Audit

During the audit phase, our team uses a combination of analytical procedures and detailed testing to gather sufficient and appropriate audit evidence. We maintain open and honest dialogue with you throughout the process, ensuring that all significant issues are discussed and resolved.

Finalization and Reporting

After completing the audit, we carefully analyze the collected evidence and prepare our audit report. In this report, we present our opinion on whether the financial statements are fairly presented in all material respects. We also offer recommendations for improving your internal control systems and risk management procedures.
Frequently Asked Qusetions

An audit is an independent verification of a company's financial statements conducted to determine their compliance with accepted standards and legislation. It is necessary to ensure transparency and reliability of financial information, which is important for both internal and external users.

How often should an audit be conducted?

The frequency of audits depends on the legislative requirements of the country where the company is registered, as well as on internal policies and needs of the organization. For example, in the Republic of Moldova, certain categories of enterprises are required to have their financial statements audited annually.

What types of audits exists?

There are several types of audits, including internal audit, external (independent) audit, tax audit, and others. Each type has its own features and is aimed at solving specific tasks.

How long does an audit take?

The duration of an audit can vary depending on the size and complexity of the organization being audited, as well as the volume and condition of its financial statements. On average, a full audit takes from several weeks to several months.

How to prepare for an audit?

To prepare for an audit, it is important to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the financial statements, provide access to necessary documents and information, and appoint responsible persons to interact with the auditors.

What can be the consequences of failing an audit?

Failing an audit can lead to legal consequences, including fines and other sanctions from regulatory authorities, as well as a loss of trust from investors, creditors, and other stakeholders.

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